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Thursday, 29 November 2012

here we go! REVIEW : Mask ~~

Hey yalls!
My product review will be this three products.
1. Intensive Sparkling White Mask 
2. Anti-oxidant Regenerating Face Mask
3. Oatmeal Moiturising Facial Sheet Mask

Intensive Sparkling White Mask 
by Sasatinnie

 Its already stated on the pack. So you just need to click
on the picture for more information.

In my view:
- doesnt fade the dark spot at all. maybe i need to use 
it regularly
- 'the appearance of whitening and brightening' doesnt worked at all
like ive said, need to use it regularly
- cant see it invigorating my skin
- smell was okay for me. just a very mild scent
- Arbutin inside the ingredient seeks to give the brightening and radiant skin
 rating from me: 2/5

im not saying this product is not good. maybe its not particularly
effective on me.

Anti-oxidant Regenerating Face Mask
by Sasatinnie

in my view:
- for the time being, not lightens pigmentation spot.
- i can feel my skin is rehydrated. Thumbs up!
- i dont have any wrinkles yet, so cant tell you the effectiveness
- my skin looks radiant (a bit lah)
- mild scent. like it!!
- this product containing hyaluronic acid (which a main ingredient in Hada Labo Ahaks!)
and collagen. Too goog to have this two buddies. 

I think this one, much more better than Intensive Sparkling White Mask.
rating: 3.5/5

- for both sasatinnie mask-
- the sheet quite small.
- cant cover my whole face especially the jaw line till my
ear. (do you get what i mean)
lets make it easy and conclude it.
The sheet is small for me.

Oatmeal Moisturising Facial Sheet Mask 
by Color Combos Skincare


In my view:
- suits me. 
- gives a refreshing skin
- when I pull out the mask, what can I see very much serum till I can dig out the serum 
and leveled again on my face to the neck
- huge sheet. i can cover my chin and the jaw line
You can pull the sheet and hook behind your ears.
(hook? hahahha tak kisahlah)
- i wore the mask before bed and i can see the different the next day.
- gives a radiant skin

Rating: 4/5

you know what ladies! After three weeks i let it
open to the air, the serum still have and still wet compared to sasatinnie
mask that already dried. But Sasatinnie shhet mask 
much more thick than Color Combos Skincare.

compare to my giant hand!

Till then,


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