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Sunday, 7 April 2013

#2 Haul The Body Shop

Represents you The Body Shop fragrance!!
Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters!
Long time no see huh? Just wanna inform yalls im now
suffering chicken pox. *suffering eh?
Yaa i know terlalu tua for all this. You know?! I think better you 
get this while you're still kecik and you no nothing.
When you're grown up, you have lots of thing need to be done.
We cant leave our solat. No! A big NO!
Then i gave a thought, maybe there's hikmah behind all this, right?
When you fall sick, Allah akan eliminate all those dosa kecik.
*eliminate ke? proper word please!
Haaa paling best i got two weeks of cuti. While my other
friends cuti for only a weeks. Alhamdulillah..

Again to represents our perfume from The Body Shop!!
I bought three. Not me actually who bought these perfume.
It was my brother. He wants to belanja my mom and I, and we chose
The Body Shop.

They comes in many scents.
We grab the perfume in Vanilla *favourite one , 
Strawberry and last but not list Satsuma.

The paper bag cost for RM0.50.
Save the planet!
This is the only planet yang ada CHOCOLATE!!

One bottle cost RM49.90.
But if you bought for 3 like me, you'll get discount.
All of them cost for RM120++ including the bag.
And straight away we became the member of The Body Shop.
All this time beli without being a member rasa rugi sangat.
Such a waste.


They're so cute. And very friendly for travelling.
They have other scents too, if im not mistaken they come 
with Shea in chocolate bottle more or less the same as the Vanilla
 and Passion fruit in pink bottle.
I dont really like the passion fruit because of the
 quite strong scents.

<3 for the Strawberry and Vanilla.
I tried to mix both and it turned out like WOWWW.
I wanna eat you. I smelled like strawberry cake with a mild scents
of vanilla.

awww so cute!

Pray the good health for me!!


  1. xpenah bli brng kt body shop..

  2. Wow that's a really great deal! Love the haul. :)

  3. Great Haul Seriously! Nak! Nak! I love Vanilla scents too! Nak! hehehe. Bestnye ada orang belanja.. your abang is my abang too right? hahah.

  4. x perasan body shop ade ni. nice haul