Me Likes Jelita

Thursday, 27 June 2013

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Friday, 21 June 2013

I'll be back




                                                        Im so excited!!

Aida Hazera

Byeeeeeeeee  Malaysia!
Lets rock in BANDUNG!!


Monday, 17 June 2013

Giveaway Prizes : Sheila Ghador Sprinkle Rain

Im so excited to show you guys my giveaway prize!
I was so happy when i see the box.
You come at the right time.
Seriously! I have a vacation next week,
so i think I'll bring them together with me.


I never tought that it will be this much.
Just a complete set of make up.
Tell you what, the mascara is amazing!

Love this bag so much!!
Thank you Kak Sheila!!!!

May Allah bless you!
Murah rezeki, ofcourse.
Yalls dont get jealous okay!


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Outing, Haul, Oufit +++

long time no see ahhh!
 (baca maca auntie nyonya)

This happen was a day after my birthday.
I went to Aeon with my cousin.
Nak beli seluar sebab semua dah senteng!
Sob sob sob sob...
I dont know what to say, nak kata meninggi macam tak.
Hormone maybe? eh?

How i love my stokin! 
Ada flower! bought dekat daiso for
RM5. So comfort! And it really suit my loafers.
Loafers kan?
Tapi loafers ni memang tak in langsung dengan baju.
What to do. Dah tak ada pilihan.

I was so happy.
See my bag full dengan barang.
Berat as well.

Her bag was berat too.
Shopaholic what!!

This some of what i bought on that day!

Seriously, i was very happy. 
I think this weekend nak keluar.
Nak cari kasut.

Itu sahaja yang nak dikongskan hari ini.

May Allah Bless You All.