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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

make your exercises more interesting and exciting

Hey yalls!

Exercises is one of the most important thing in order to stay healthy.
But after a while, some of us become bored because of doing the same thing in a long time.
Even more so if you do exercises like joging and skipping. 
You will become more weary easily. 
Apart from that we are also more likely to be injured if not done properly.

Did you know that dancing is also a good exercise. 
A variety of songs that you can make beats for dance like ballads, 
blues and vibrant beat of the music.
 In my opinion dancing can relieve stress even more fat
that can be roasted as a dance involving all members of the body.

 For those who are married, dancing with partner activities can strengthen
 the relationship and increase love. Ahaks!

You can also sign up to dance class, can also go to a gym that offers this service.
 If you type of quickly give up, go to the gym is one of the solution. Because they will always 
push us for strong and courageous.

If you think you can do this by yourself or you're feel shy
on the public you can learn how to dance and all the step on Youtube,

Here I enclose a video that caught my attention to try.

Enjoyed guys!
Peace ("0")



  1. bestnya dancing dgn husband! tapi husband i refuse to dance. haha. we'll stick to jogging i guess. :)

    1. ahahahaha.. dancing sendiri pun ok what?!

  2. hoho..dah lama tak bersenam..bersenam ngn anak jer yg byk nih..hehehe

    1. ohoh.. layan anak pun penat kot. kejar dia orang hahah

  3. dance sambil excercise ala2 aerobic la ni :) bole keep fit pastu seronok gelak2. :)