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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Haul : Real techniques, E.l.f


My parcel has arrived!!
Rasa nak jerit kat jiran semua.
Too excited!
I bought them from go and check them out.
They took 6 days to arrive. I chose DHL Express
for my shipping. 

First, i was thinking to buy Real Techniques from Shins.
 But they are too pricey. Too too!
The price at Shins are doubles than the price of iHerb.
I calculated before, kalau beli dekat Shins
they will cost e around RM300!!
Gila ke apa? My mom will kill me.

So including the shipping the cost me RM151.29.
hahahahhahahah Hasil menabung!

Spot Samantha Chapman!

Real Techniques:
1. Core Collection $17.99
2. Blush Brush $8.99
3. Powder Brush $9.99

dolar to ringgit malaysia kali tiga ye

Rasa nak beli stippling brush pulak.
Reviews on the stippling brush agak kureng!
Sebab kena guna lot amount of foundation.
The suggested more on the buffing brush which comes 
in the core collection.

I also bought Elf Beauty Book in Bronzed Look and Natural Look.
Im thinking to do a giveaway on my blog.
One of the hadiah is the Elf Beauty Book in Natural Look
and other lah. Im still thinking of it.
Comment below of what do you think!!

Elf Beauty Book comes with :
6 eyeshadows
1 eyelid primer
1 eyeliner pencil
1 eyeshadow applicator 
*which cant see in the picture

this is how the inside look

add some more brush collection!!

Im so happy!!

use this code LPC610 
This gives you $10 off any order above $40 or $5 off any order below $40.

Do comment down below.
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