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Thursday, 29 November 2012

how do you clean your make up brushes

Hey yalls!

Hygiene is very important to prevent infection. 
Make up brush sanitation often considered trivial by some women. 
Whereas makeup brushes are easier to trap germs moreover 
foundation brush and concealer brush.

 Make up brushes requires great care. 
Makeup brushes should be washed 2-3 times a week. 
While the brush is used for creamy products 
such as foundation, whipped cream foundation, concealer and 
cream blush need to be washed more often.

So these are  the useful video that i got from Youtube
for you.

my favourite all time make up guru is Michelle Phan.
This one is the most easiest and cheapest way to clean your make up brushes!
I've already tried this one. Love it!

This one, Alli use Mac brush cleanser and which a very good 
cleanser yet pricey!

This video is the combination of Michelle Phan and Alli video.

Keep in mind to always care your make up brushes.
bye guys. Hopefully its a helpful for us.

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  1. alya pun guna kedua2 cara. pakai brush cleaner dan baby shampoo je.