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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review: Garnier BB Eye Roll-on

 Garnier BB Eye Roll-on 
pure lemon essence + mineral pigments
 'mencegah dan mencerahkan lingkaran gelap bawah mata'

*telengkan kepala or just pusing your laptop okay!

Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on

New Garnier instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on  the 1st BB eye roll-on
 that give you bla bla.....
From the first minute, witness the eye contour area looks:
1. Fairer
2. More radiant
3. more even toned
4. with less dark circles
5. with less dark spot
6. Fresher
7. Smoother
8. Less tired
9. more hydrated
10. tighten

soo many!! do they really do their job?


roll inside. but i dont like it. why? see that! smeared around the
hurmmmmmm. how to discribe ehh? 
Work with it very lemah gemalai and longlai or it will turns out
like a volcano. melimpah!

They called it as BB Eye Roll-on because it comes with pigments.
Senang cerita, they treats and conceals at the same time.

Blend really well. But i dont prefer to rub it around the eyes cause
it looks cakey. So i just dabbing it.
Most important thing is that you need to set it with powder.
Especially if you had an oily eye lids. It creasing okay eventhough you've 
already set it with powder. On me, it crease after 3-4 hours. boooo!
Maybe you need a primer. gurhhhhhhhh banyak pulak cekadak!

For those yang ada bad really bad dark circles,
im not suggesting this product for you. Better use concealer or what.
If you have an extremely dark circles go find something
more pricey and berkesan macam Kiehls. 
This one, will make it bad. Sebab dia conceals
sambil meng-kelabu-kan mata anda. Got what i mean.
Like you applied a foundation 3-4 shades more 
lighter than your skin. erkkk
*mangsa foundation

I think this product function as a concealer je.
Not really works. May be works but takes time.
For students like my. Kira okaylah.
Atleast can prevent the wrinkles and control
dari dark circles dari jadi natural smokey eyes and all that.

Price: around RM19.90  
but bought it with my watsons voucher RM3

my comment: okay lah!
tak adalah teruk sangat. But this product not for yang severe punya lah.
Setakat minor can works lagi.



  1. bru nk try pun oily eyelid..xjdla..

  2. nice review Aida, very helpful. Nak tergelak bila baca ayat "Maybe you need a primer. gurhhhhhhhh banyak pulak cekadak!" haha sometimes we are too kind on product review.