Me Likes Jelita

Sunday, 17 March 2013

#1 Haul

Intimate Pantyliner
Himalaya Neem Pack ( <3 this product )
Pureen Wet wipes <3
Clear Conditioner - as my hair makin panjang so i bought a conditioner
Clean&Clear Hydrating boost
Safi Minyak Zaitun <3 so wangi!
shaver forgot the name - thumbs down for this shaver
tak tajam sangat

Bought new pancil case 
nice highlighter color 
favourite pen from Faber Castell
small note book - im not a really good at mengingati something
and i always forgot my homework! booo....
Pilot pencil nip in Green - bought this because my lovely and my paling kesayangan
pencil hilang. Rasa nak nangis ingat jasa dia to me.
two red pen. I dont know why i bought two.
boooooooooo again..
lastly a green ink pen color

nothing special..
Right now, i can say that im a busywoman.
Busy pergi tuisyen sampai malam.
A lot of homework.
Cant blogging much. Sedih :(

Doakan saya!