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Thursday, 29 November 2012

how do you clean your make up brushes

Hey yalls!

Hygiene is very important to prevent infection. 
Make up brush sanitation often considered trivial by some women. 
Whereas makeup brushes are easier to trap germs moreover 
foundation brush and concealer brush.

 Make up brushes requires great care. 
Makeup brushes should be washed 2-3 times a week. 
While the brush is used for creamy products 
such as foundation, whipped cream foundation, concealer and 
cream blush need to be washed more often.

So these are  the useful video that i got from Youtube
for you.

my favourite all time make up guru is Michelle Phan.
This one is the most easiest and cheapest way to clean your make up brushes!
I've already tried this one. Love it!

This one, Alli use Mac brush cleanser and which a very good 
cleanser yet pricey!

This video is the combination of Michelle Phan and Alli video.

Keep in mind to always care your make up brushes.
bye guys. Hopefully its a helpful for us.

here we go! REVIEW : Mask ~~

Hey yalls!
My product review will be this three products.
1. Intensive Sparkling White Mask 
2. Anti-oxidant Regenerating Face Mask
3. Oatmeal Moiturising Facial Sheet Mask

Intensive Sparkling White Mask 
by Sasatinnie

 Its already stated on the pack. So you just need to click
on the picture for more information.

In my view:
- doesnt fade the dark spot at all. maybe i need to use 
it regularly
- 'the appearance of whitening and brightening' doesnt worked at all
like ive said, need to use it regularly
- cant see it invigorating my skin
- smell was okay for me. just a very mild scent
- Arbutin inside the ingredient seeks to give the brightening and radiant skin
 rating from me: 2/5

im not saying this product is not good. maybe its not particularly
effective on me.

Anti-oxidant Regenerating Face Mask
by Sasatinnie

in my view:
- for the time being, not lightens pigmentation spot.
- i can feel my skin is rehydrated. Thumbs up!
- i dont have any wrinkles yet, so cant tell you the effectiveness
- my skin looks radiant (a bit lah)
- mild scent. like it!!
- this product containing hyaluronic acid (which a main ingredient in Hada Labo Ahaks!)
and collagen. Too goog to have this two buddies. 

I think this one, much more better than Intensive Sparkling White Mask.
rating: 3.5/5

- for both sasatinnie mask-
- the sheet quite small.
- cant cover my whole face especially the jaw line till my
ear. (do you get what i mean)
lets make it easy and conclude it.
The sheet is small for me.

Oatmeal Moisturising Facial Sheet Mask 
by Color Combos Skincare


In my view:
- suits me. 
- gives a refreshing skin
- when I pull out the mask, what can I see very much serum till I can dig out the serum 
and leveled again on my face to the neck
- huge sheet. i can cover my chin and the jaw line
You can pull the sheet and hook behind your ears.
(hook? hahahha tak kisahlah)
- i wore the mask before bed and i can see the different the next day.
- gives a radiant skin

Rating: 4/5

you know what ladies! After three weeks i let it
open to the air, the serum still have and still wet compared to sasatinnie
mask that already dried. But Sasatinnie shhet mask 
much more thick than Color Combos Skincare.

compare to my giant hand!

Till then,


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

make your exercises more interesting and exciting

Hey yalls!

Exercises is one of the most important thing in order to stay healthy.
But after a while, some of us become bored because of doing the same thing in a long time.
Even more so if you do exercises like joging and skipping. 
You will become more weary easily. 
Apart from that we are also more likely to be injured if not done properly.

Did you know that dancing is also a good exercise. 
A variety of songs that you can make beats for dance like ballads, 
blues and vibrant beat of the music.
 In my opinion dancing can relieve stress even more fat
that can be roasted as a dance involving all members of the body.

 For those who are married, dancing with partner activities can strengthen
 the relationship and increase love. Ahaks!

You can also sign up to dance class, can also go to a gym that offers this service.
 If you type of quickly give up, go to the gym is one of the solution. Because they will always 
push us for strong and courageous.

If you think you can do this by yourself or you're feel shy
on the public you can learn how to dance and all the step on Youtube,

Here I enclose a video that caught my attention to try.

Enjoyed guys!
Peace ("0")


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Deep Into My Heart Giveaway

Hey yalls we meet again...

Im joining a giveaway by Alya. Just get to know her blog.
why am i loving her blog is because, her blog rich of beauty thingy.
And I love beauty. Ahaksss.

I just walked on her blog and saw her giveaway.
I would like to join because the hadiah sangat best. So so so best.

So the prizes!!!

first prize

second prize!!

third prize!! woot woot

When i scrolled down i saw BIG BANG keychain.
 Maybe Alya pun minat big bang. Boleh jadi gang. Ahakss!
Jangan cakap dia pergi big bang consert hari tu. Memang rasa nak
jerit lah kan.

To Alya, i would love to be friends with you.
We can share about beauty. Ahaks!!

wish me luck yallsss.

oh yeaahh Salam Maal Hijrah