Me Likes Jelita

Sunday, 17 March 2013

#1 Haul

Intimate Pantyliner
Himalaya Neem Pack ( <3 this product )
Pureen Wet wipes <3
Clear Conditioner - as my hair makin panjang so i bought a conditioner
Clean&Clear Hydrating boost
Safi Minyak Zaitun <3 so wangi!
shaver forgot the name - thumbs down for this shaver
tak tajam sangat

Bought new pancil case 
nice highlighter color 
favourite pen from Faber Castell
small note book - im not a really good at mengingati something
and i always forgot my homework! booo....
Pilot pencil nip in Green - bought this because my lovely and my paling kesayangan
pencil hilang. Rasa nak nangis ingat jasa dia to me.
two red pen. I dont know why i bought two.
boooooooooo again..
lastly a green ink pen color

nothing special..
Right now, i can say that im a busywoman.
Busy pergi tuisyen sampai malam.
A lot of homework.
Cant blogging much. Sedih :(

Doakan saya!


  1. tell me how do u remove Himalaya Neem Pack after use? sy suka dia tp msti dpt jer-jer lpas pkai..huhu..

    1. 'jer-jer' ? sorry tapi tak berapa faham. you meant dia susah nak cuci or what? kalau cuci usually Aida guna sponge yang ada pore besar tu.

  2. saya guna intimate juga.sjk dulu lagi ;)

  3. Assalamualaikum :) Jom jom visit blog Dibah, nak introduce satu produk best punya. Hihihi.

    Thank you Cik Aida :)